What makes us different:

Our team

Our international backgrounds connect us. KMC consultants have 9.1 years of experience in consulting. All consultants are working on an interdisciplinary basis but still, have different core competencies.

 Our sustainable consulting approach

We closely cooperate with our clients to deliver customised results. KMC understands their clients’ concerns, creates individual solutions and implements changes in close collaboration with the entire organisation.

Consultancy at KMC is all about implementation. When we develop individual solutions, we always keep the implementation in mind. We support you throughout the change process, from the concept design to its realisation.

Our goal: To put vision into practice.

 Our value approach

Every organisation involved in marketing products or services is facing the same challenge: Getting the best possible control along the route to market to tap the full potential of customers.

Value Chain Re-engineering is our ability to perform sustainable changes to the value-adding activities of our clients. Reconfiguring these activities will lead to improved competitiveness through lower costs, better performance and higher differentiation.

Our primary activities include successful sales and marketing strategies, portfolio optimisation, market entries, acquisitions and the implementation of strategic alliances.

Our business is to make our clients more successful. We prepare our clients for future demands and create sustainable success through short, mid and long-term adjustments to the value chain.

Our approach: We assume market potential is not fully exploited. A revenue growth without an increase of resources is possible by implementing the right processes.