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Over the last three decades, we have developed and refined our consulting approach in over 1,000 projects, with over 300 clients, across all major industries.

By asking the right questions and identifying the right levers, our consultants gain the relevant insights to understand your market, its untapped potential and opportunities.

We are implementation-oriented in everything we do and actively involve your organisation to write enduring success stories.








Focus Industries

KMC is a cross-industrial functional specialist, with an extensive expertise in different sectors based on more than 29 years of experience.

Every organisation involved in marketing products or services is facing the same challenge: Getting the best possible control along the route to market to tap the full potential of customers.

Our business is to make our clients more successful. Our approach: We assume market potential is not fully exploited. A revenue growth without an increase of resources is possible by implementing the right processes.

We prepare our clients for future demands and create sustainable success through short, mid and long-term adjustments to the value chain. Our primary activities include successful sales and marketing strategies, portfolio optimisation, market entries, acquisitions and the implementation of strategic alliances.

Value Chain Re-engineering is our ability to perform sustainable changes to the value-adding activities of our clients. Reconfiguring these activities will lead to improved competitiveness through lower costs, better performance and higher differentiation.


Based in Düsseldorf - @home in Europe

Our References


“ For us it was essential to work with a consultancy that brought along the right mix of analytical intelligence and results-oriented implementation. We view the consultants at KMC as our partners that support our staff, who ask the right questions and who integrate successfully into our teams.

Working with KMC leads us to an intense focus on the achievement of objectives, good collaboration and successful results “


Florian SegmüllerGeneral Manager, Segmüller

“ In cooperation with KMC Management Consultants GmbH & Co. KG, we developed concepts that enabled us to work on a highly structured and efficient level. KMC has a thorough understanding of different cultures and a broad international experience base from a number of industries and companies.”


Yves DeryckeMD Tennant Europe

“ KMC has impressed me not only with their deep strategic understanding of our markets and our strategic positioning but also with their ability to create real successes pragmatically and in high speed.

In order to achieve these successes, they have created solutions in a very cooperative and constructive way together with our staff, creating acceptance and enthusiasm within the team. On top of that, our internal communication and organizational culture has vastly improved as well.

To sum things up: The cooperation with KMC has created a substantial return on investment significantly exceeding our initial expectations and we are looking forward to further joint successes.”

Dietmar ZembrotManaging Director, TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG

“ From the very beginning, the KMC consultants worked together with our people to build a common understanding of the issues and challenges in our business. Their way of developing the strategy was comprehensive, clearly structured and logical to all of us.

During the implementation they really switched into execution mode. All the project steps were fast, results-oriented and integrative. KMC has impressed us with an optimal mix of strategic understanding and the ability to jointly develop the right solutions with our team.”


Otto HintereggerGeneral Manager Sales, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

” KMC created a strategy concept that was easy to understand and accepted by all shareholders. The project success is reflected in the acceptance of the strategy by our team. 

Altogether I am very satisfied with the work and can strongly recommend KMC “

Achim Mansen CEO Essanelle

“KMC supported VW Leasing through a pragmatic mix of conceptual and methodological approaches. They aimed at a quick and successful implementation of ideas. All VW Leasing team members handled the additional work on the project along with their daily activities and were motivated by the chances they realised.”


Dirk PinkvosGeschäftsführer VW Leasing

“In cooperation with KMC, we developed concepts that enabled us to work on a highly structured and efficient level. The already high quality of our sales team has been boosted strongly which raised our profitability.”

Joachim LauffGeschäftsführer Böhler-Uddeholm Deutschland GmbH

“ From the very beginning, the consultants of KMC worked together with our people to build a common understanding of the issues and challenges in our business. Their way of developing the strategy was comprehensive, clearly structured and logical to all of us. Therefore, everyone was on board.

During the implementation, they really switched into execution mode. All project steps were fast, results-oriented and integrative. With this approach, they created an atmosphere of change and real market orientation within the teams. These teams focused on marketing concepts, sales initiatives for residential customers, small and medium-sized businesses, key accounts, communications and product development.

I would recommend the KMC team to anyone who seeks true value-oriented consulting and a real change driven approach. The results were excellent and I am truly satisfied.


Nicolai BeckersCEO Makedonski Telekom

Case Stories


Our Story

Since 1988, KMC has assisted medium-sized companies and big corporations in developing their business strategy and implementing it in their target markets.

Headquartered outside Düsseldorf, we draw on deep knowledge and a pan-European track record to support our customers in creating market success. We leverage the unique experience of our international team to develop pragmatic, global concepts, which take country-specific characteristics into account.

With our entrepreneurial mind-set, we align your business with the market requirements and customer needs, focussing on Sales, Marketing and M&A Transactions.




Join our Team of highly talented individuals – we are all looking to make a successful difference for our clients

At KMC we are recruiting on different levels of our organisation. From Internship to Senior Consultant positions.

If you are in your early stages of building your career, will make sure you gather experiences opening up an excellent perspective for your future as well as and giving you a solid base of experience and professional know-how.

Amongst our Senior Consultant we are looking for experienced and very entreprenant professionals to lead and develop projects across our diverse our customer portfolio: companies of all sectors, including customer contact at management level, commitments abroad – and an inspiring working atmosphere built on our diversity in a supportive team.




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