Internship with KMC

During your career development we place particular importance on building your professional and social skills. How quickly you then progress on the career ladder from Junior Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Senior Manager to Partner is dependent on your own performance and your willingness to perform.

What to expect

From the first day onwards you will be placed in a project team and will receive regular feedback and mentoring from the project leader. Not only to improve your career but also in order to guarantee our client with the highest standards of project quality, we also provide you with diverse training opportunities in order to extend you problem-solving skills, social skills, your industry knowledge and your project management capabilities.


You fit the profile if you approach new tasks in a passionate and enthusiastic manner with social intelligence, the ability to work in team and the willingness to learn are more than mere catchphrases to you.

You are ambitious, want to get on in your career, are interested in other cultures, are able to communicate with people and are passionate about achieving excellent results, please apply to: